Video Editing | Color Correction | Motion Graphics
Voice Over Recording | Sound Design | Audio Mixing


We’re easy to talk to! Whether it’s a one-day edit or a ten-part series, we’re up for it. Tell us what you’ve got. Tell us what you need. And we’ll make it all come together.


Editing is a craft with many disciplines, and matching the right talent to the job is an art form. With exceptional in-house editors and access to the top talent in the industry, we do just that.


Our post suites are equipped with the best equipment in the biz. We use Avid, Premiere and ProTools, all running on monster machines and connected to an Isis media server.


The creative process can sometimes be painful. Your surroundings shouldn’t be. Editors are people too and we believe edit suites should have windows!


When it comes to tight deadlines and highly technical delivery specs there is no substitute for experience. We help you keep calm when the pressure is on and bring that baby home (with all ten fingers and toes)!


Artistry and technology for storytellers

Edit Suites

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly edit rates, with or without editor. We provide Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut all tied to the Isis with loads of storage and full time, on-site technical support.


We provide voice-over recording, including record-to-picture, in our ProTools suite with floating sound booth, as well as sound design, podcasting, audio sweetening, final mixing, and output. You need stems, we’ve got you covered!


Some call it color grading, some call it color correction, we call it pure joy! IT's technical yet artistic and it can elevate a piece of video into a work of art. We do it for television shows, independent films, and online videos

Motion Graphics

We have in-house graphic designers, VR/360 editors and After Effects artists to support your post-production projects and handle all titling, 360 stitching or animation needs.

Give us a ring. We’d love to talk about your post project!