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Two shooting studios, a working kitchen set and a rooftop located on Howard Street in Soho, NYC. If you like good people, sun light and exceptional client service you will love our facility. Stop by and check us out!

Sound Stage Rental

Our studios are available for daily rentals with a la carte support. Each has a green room with a studio feed and a makeup station. We can supplement your production however you like, from delectable catering to expendables to grip, lighting and crew.

Live Broadcast

Satellite media tours, live shots, news hits, webcasts and press junkets are our specialty. We have two outbound feeds for satellite uplink and the technical expertise to handle your single or multicam live production.

Gear and Crew

We offer a full complement of grip and lighting equipment as well as crewing support for any position.

Sets And Props

We have an on-site shop for custom set building as well as an extensive catalog of existing sets and props. On top of that, consider our entire 10,000 sq. ft. facility as a working prop house.

Studio A
  •  20′ x 30′ sound stage
  • 18′ ceiling (14′ to grid)
  • 2-wall cyclorama
  • Elevated control room
  • 200 Amps of distributed power
  • Green room
  • Hair and makeup room
  • Kitchen/dining room
Studio B
  • 8′ x 15′ Insert Studio
  • Soundproofed & climate controlled
  • Control room
  • Satellite uplink
  • Client lounge
  • Makeup station
  • Hourly bookings
Roof Deck
  • 25′ x 50′ deck
  • Soho views
  • Elevator access
  • Control room tie-in
  • Satellite uplink
  • Tenting options

Give us a ring to hold a date or schedule a facility tour!

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